Posted 12th of September 2017

App of the Week: Qatari Phrasebook

Words by Tom Stephenson

Whether you like it or not, apps are a part of modern life. There’s one for every eventuality from booking a taxi and ordering a takeaway to multiplayer gaming and video streaming. With new ones being released on a daily basis, it’s difficult to keep up with which are essential.This week we’re looking at Qatari Phrasebook.

Arabic has a number of different variations, with the different countries around the region speaking in their own unique way. The Qatari Phrasebook aims to help users lock down the basics of the local dialect. The application is equipped with over 1,500 conversational words and phrases, making it easy for anyone to sit down and have a chat. 

Conveniently divided into a range of sections, including basic greetings, telling the time, transportation, and personal finance, the app provides users with the Arabic text, spoken pronunciation, and phonetic spelling of each term. Shortly after downloading, users will be able to ask for directions, interact with shopkeepers, and make themselves understood in an emergency situation. Don't worry about it draining your data either, it works offline too. 

It's available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play for free - Make sure to give it a go!